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Hening Riyadiningsih, Ratna Puji Astuti


Research on the causes of school dropouts has a lot to do, but still very rare study that looked at in terms of personality. The foundation of an individual's personality is a psychological condition. Therefore, this study investigates the causes of school dropouts from the internal side of the individual child (terms of his psychological condition). The hope (for long term) to determine the psychological condition, will be able to develop a model for the development of madani character, especially school dropouts at high school education or equivalent.
The purpose of this study was to determine how the psychological condition of children out of school education or equivalent secondary school. Focus on the factors of self-control resources (locus of control), and self-concept. Both of these factors are formed through experiences and influenced by the environment and the value of self-owned. Thus, in addition to the results of this study could give an idea about the source locus of control, self-concept and self-worth of school dropouts (internal conditions) as well as the environment and experience (external conditions), can also provide an overview of models multiple relationship between psychological factors an individual and constituent factors.
Data from 142 respondents of school dropouts in Banyumas shows that respondents in general have a tendency external locus of control. That is, a dropouts of school so he resigned to fate and the circumstances around it, without any desire to change the situation. Thus this individual does not have the power to improve their destiny. In addition, the results of the study showed that the condition of self concept are also likely positive. This shows that they tend to look positively towards himself. Surely this is in line with the description of self value of himself that respondents tend to rate him high enough. Meanwhile, if viewed from the external conditions of the individual family and social environment is very varied. It could mean that the psychological condition is influenced by both internal environment or external social environment.

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