Pramono Hariadi


Poverty becomes a complex phenomenon with strongly local attributes and various experiences. It is multidimensional so that it requires detailed understanding based on behavior, life quality, and utilization of social capital that is currently less attended. Efforts to overcome poverty which has been carried out are still focused on the physical and material, so the management has less solved problems and has not optimally taken place. The aim of this research was to identify behavior pattern, life quality, and elements of social capital on poor people at coastal and mountainous areas. The research method used was by both qualitative and quantitative approaches. Primary and secondary data were obtained through survey, literature, literature study, participant observation, indepth interview, and group discussion focus. A number of 150 respondents dispersed in the Regencies of Banyumas, Purbalingga, and Banjarnegara were used to represent mountainous areas and 100 respondents dispersed in the Regencies of Cilacap and Kebumen were used to represent coastal areas. Analyses tools used were descriptive and interactive model analyses. Results of the research performed that the behavior of poor people at the coastal areas relatively owned superiority and they more bravely took action relevant to the use of natural, physical, and monetary capitals. However, the behavior of mountainous people at mountainous areas owned superiority in doing action by considering aspects of human and social capitals. Poor people at the coastal area more desired the ideal life quality with the main priority at satisfying individual and material needs serially namely in the fulfillment of work, health, housing, religiousness, and education. The life quality of the poor people at the mountainous area more desired the ideal one with the main priority in the fulfillment of communal and material needs serially i.e. in the fulfillment of family, work, health, religiousness, education, housing, conditions of environment about, and environmental security. The element of the social capital for the coastal people at the coastal area could be only found and attach strongly in the matter of trust. Whereas the element of the social capital for the coastal people at the mountainous area could be found and attach in the matter of trust, network, and facility of co-operation.
 Keywords: poverty, behavior, life quality, social capital, coast, and mountain.


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